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The future of America is happening right now in Los Angeles. That’s why we have formed LAist Studios, a new podcast production vehicle brought to you by LAist, part of the Southern California Public Radio family.

Our productions will be full of the values that drive LA: diverse and inclusive, ambitious and optimistic, always forward facing.

But we won’t be limited by geography.

LA is a state of mind, not just a city, and our work will be made by and for people of all description around the country and the globe.

Here are some criteria to consider as you develop your ideas:

We will serve and feature the New Mainstream, the diverse and inclusive populations of LA (and the LAs around America) - young, underrepresented and attracted to stories and conversations from a multitude of voices. This is the first priority.

We will also make work for and about the LA-minded, those who look to the West for energy, inspiration, progress, and a sense of purpose. We love ideas and people with big ambitions.

So bring us your best thinking about what to create for the large and hungry audiences listening to multiple podcasts every week.

Don’t be afraid to break molds and invent new ones. We want to partner with innovative thinkers. We’re looking for talented people who embody LA. So bring ideas with texture and grit and have possibilities beyond one short series. Think ongoing series. Think multiple seasons.

In our initial slates, we’re looking primarily for work that
  • springs from the most excellent journalism, fact-based stories that have impact
  • represents what we call the LA Conversation, both actually and spiritually
  • narratives, based in fact or in fiction, that display the broad LA values we described above


Fill out our pitch form and make a submission. And remember we want to know about your idea, about you, about what it will take to make something extraordinary, and about how your pitch helps us to further goals of LAist Studios.



State your idea in a way that will get our attention and the attention of a single listener. Make sure we understand why it’s valuable and unique and something LAist Studios should invest in. Make sure it aligns with our mission. We want to hear your voice and approach in your statement. We also want you to sketch out 3–5 sample episodes.


Every project has a primary audience as its target, even as we seek to attract large and broad audiences. Tell us who your target audience is and how this idea serves them. Again, make sure you are aligned with the mission of LAist Studios.

In addition to identifying your target audience, tell us what impact this series will have on them. How will they have changed, what will they feel, or what might they be moved to do as a result of what you produce?


What will a listener hear when they press play? Tell us about the tone, the mood, the sound of your show. Feel free to compare your approach to other media as a way to describe it. Do you have a format in mind (on a scale from interview format on one end to full documentary on the other)? Do you have a way to innovate the sound and style to stand out against the podcast market?


LAist Studios ultimately will exist as strong ideas expressed across multiple media and activities. Does your idea have any expression beyond the podcast itself and, if so, please describe them. We are looking for the best ideas from the most creative people with entrepreneurial spirit. So describe the ways you might build on the idea you stated earlier.


LAist Studios will make shows that are financially sustainable. That means they need to be made efficiently, and they need to attract large audiences. So please address these questions:

How many seasons will your show be and how many episodes in those seasons?

What kind of budget will it take to produce your idea? If you don’t know, please be explicit about that.

What support would you need from LAist Studios to make a successful/hit program?

What partners might you bring to the process for audience, funding, or other support?


Please tell us about yourself, why you could succeed in producing your idea, and what kind of creative home you are looking for. We are as interested in you as we are in your specific idea.


KPCC/SCPR (“us/we/our”) has many ideas and content in various stages of development. We are interested in accepting and reviewing your submission of content to us, but we first need to provide you with our “Submission Policy,” in order to avoid any potential misunderstandings if the original content you submit to us seems similar to our current or future programming, since many works and submissions are based on the same or similar ideas.

By submitting your pitch to us, you are confirming the following, which is our Submission Policy:
  1. You understand we are in the business of developing creative and other content for journalism, entertainment and other programming, and we may now or in the future be developing content based on ideas or content that is similar to or the same as materials you’re submitting to us; and
  2. You are waiving any legal claim you might otherwise have against us in connection with your submission of content to us, even if the original content you submit to us seems similar to our current or future programming.

The Submission Policy is a material term of your agreement with us. By submitting materials/content to us, you acknowledge you have read and agree to this Submission Policy. Please do not submit any materials or content to us if any portion of this Submission Policy is not acceptable to you.

We are actively reviewing pitches for our first slate until August 15th, 2019. Pitches submitted after August 15th, 2019 will be reviewed on a weekly basis. If you have additional questions or comments you can contact us here.

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